Two Months at an Archery Shop

By mid November most archery companies have released their bow line up for the following year and it’s exciting to go to your local archery shop and check out what’s new and what’s not. Search any forum and you’ll read reviews on every bow, you’ll hear the pros and the cons, and by the time you weed out the reviews from haters and fanboys, you’ll realize you’re better off just checking these new bows out in person.

Upon doing just that myself back in May, I whispered a little side note to the owner of my local archery shop that I would be available during the busy months leading up to our archery opener here in Michigan. Sure enough, sometime in early July, I accepted a part time gig at FPS Archery in Cadillac, MI for August and September. I only worked nights and weekends as I already had a full time job, but man, I couldn’t wait to start! Talk about finally getting a job doing something I am passionate about!

Fast forward to late September and my attitude had flipped a complete 180. Factoring in my excitement for opening day looming in the near future, a bunch of big bucks on cameras, and being worn out from working two jobs for the past two months, it only makes sense that I was ready to be done. Here are my personal pros and cons of working at an archery shop for two months.


  • Shooting every single bow the archery shop carried. In this case, it was a combination of Mathews, Hoyt, Prime, PSE, and several used bows.
  • Learning how to work on/service bows.
  • Getting a new bow and accessories basically at cost.
  • Talking about hunting and getting an idea of how the deer herd was fairing this year (MI has several counties under an APR and we have had two really harsh winters).
  • Setting up a brand new bows and decking them out in brand new accessories for several customers.


  • Having to deal with impatient customers, mainly in the last couple of weeks leading up to opening day.
  • Having to listen to the fanboys who think one brand is superior to another.


My Main Takeaways:

  • Working in an archery shop was no doubt a great experience for me. While shooting 20+ bows, I was able to really develop a feel for how each bow shoots, feel different draw cycles, compare hard back walls versus spongy back walls, and just expand my overall knowledge in the archery world. What I learned can never be taken away from me and that is priceless.
  • A lot of archery hunters are very knowledgeable but there are many that are not. This is totally understandable, and an archery shop is a great place to come, ask questions, and learn. What I do not understand is why some come into an archery shop and act like know it alls…it’s terrible for me to work with, and they leave having gained nothing.
  • The coolest part of this job, besides setting up my own bow, was when someone would come in, shoot a bunch of bows, pick one out, and then deck the thing out with accessories. I’d put all the accessories on, get it dialed in at twenty yards, and watch them walk out the door with a badass setup. Like I stated before, the only thing cooler was when I did this for myself!



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