Total Archery Challenge

If you’re like me, you’ve been shooting your bow all spring and maybe you’ve found yourself going through the motions while practicing? If that sounds like you, it’s time to check out your local 3-D archery range. Or if it’s in your area, the Total Archery Challenge!


My wife and I were able to participate in the Total Archery Challenge in Boyne, MI. This wasn’t a competitive archery event although there were a few pay to play type shots with some really nice prizes… Like a new Dodge Ram! There were several different courses for all skill levels. Naturally, my wife and I chose the two hardest courses to start with and that was all we ended up having time for that day. If you’re not into archery, imagine a course through hilly terrain that offers different shots at different 3-D targets (deer, elk, sheep, bears) at all different distances with plenty of obstacles in the way. Basically a golf course for archery shooters.


The first course we did was the Prime course (as in Prime Bows who helped sponsor the event). This course offered 25 different shots and was the longest course available. The longest shot distance was 100 yards, with the majority of  distances being between 40-70 yards. Tons of tough shots were offered, such as small trees being in the way of the target or only having small window-like views of the target through dense, leafy tree branches. Some shots offered an elevation challenge, either shooting drastically uphill or downhill.


The second course we shot was the Sitka course, as Sitka Gear was also a sponsor of the event. This course offered 12 shots which were a bit shorter than most of the Prime shots but just as difficult. A few times we really struggled to figure out where or what the target was. Some targets were even laying down to mimic what it would be like to shoot an animal in it’s bed. Pretty cool in my opinion!


Overall this was a great experience. The course was well marked with cones and orange tape to keep you on the right path. Plenty of water was supplied and kept cold on ice. They gave away plenty of prizes and if you preregistered for the event you received a free shirt.

I would definitely recommend this type of event to every archery shooter out there. If you want to improve your shooting, go to this event when it comes to a town near you. Two things I recommend would be to wear hiking shoes and bring food with you. We put on six miles and once you’re up on the course there isn’t any food. This will only help prepare you for a real life hunting situation. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

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