Tis The Season

Another weekend in the books and another whitetail habitat project completed. This weekend was once again all about food plots with a side of trail cams and minerals.

I started out Saturday morning by spraying the second application of weed killer on four food plots that will be planted later this summer. You can read about my plans for easy food plots by clicking here. I have one more spraying scheduled for early July and then a planting roughly two weeks later depending on rain. Word of caution, if you disc or till right now, plan on spraying weed killer a week or two later. I sprayed five weeks ago then tilled two weeks ago and now the weeds are all 12-18 inches tall. I expected this and I’m hoping my timely application of weed killer will clear those plots right up.DSC_0131

Made some spare time to check trail cameras and freshen up mineral sites. The minerals sites are being absolutely hammered on right now. Trail cams revealed two decent bucks that might have good potential to be shooters this year along with another bachelor group of young bucks.


Sunday involved more of a full scale food plot operation. We disced several food plot areas and planted one of them with soy beans. It was a great day to do habitat work here in Northern Michigan as the temperatures were in the high 50’s which kept the bugs under control. A timely rain during and after planting should provide a nice jump start to this soy bean food plot. It is the first time we have planted beans on this property and our fingers are crossed. We’ve had good success with plot saver tape keeping the deer out of our food plots. If you need to protect a food plot from over browsing I recommend checking out the plot saver tape. It is a pretty cheap and effective method to ensure your efforts don’t go to waste before hunting season begins.



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