The Bucks Of Fall

Last year I put a post together about some of the bucks I’d be chasing across northern Michigan during the 2015 hunting season. I was lucky enough to harvest one of those bucks off my hit list and had high hopes that some of the other shooter bucks would make it to the 2016 hunting season. Let’s get right to 2016’s hit list!


So far only one buck from 2015 has shown back up for the 2016 season and I couldn’t be more excited about him. I was able to watch him grow all summer long. I’ve named him Lee and I am all in for him. Unfortunately, Lee has what I will call “Houdinied” the hunting property that I’ve seen him on the last two years. He has disappeared off all cameras the last two years sometime around beginning to mid September. His summer range differs from his fall range so hopefully I will get a crack at him during the later part of the rut!

Lee 2015 vs 2016

1257:080816:72F:LEE2016 :2

Big 8

Creative name, I know! ┬áThis buck showed up on the southern part of the same property that we get pictures of Lee on. I don’t know much about him but he’s a really big 8 pointer that would rock my world. I set up one stand for him and moved a camera further into his area which I haven’t checked since early September. Game on!

2112:081016:70F:DEEPBALL :2

2127:081016:72F:DEEPBALL :2

The rest of the bucks on camera from this fall are fair game for my wife but off limits to myself. We have 140+ pounds of elk in the freezer so it’s easy for me to really limit myself to a mature 130″ buck or better this year. It would be incredible if my wife could knock down any of the bucks pictured below.

Inward 8

He’s an 8 pointer and his brow tines lean inward… easy enough. We actually have a plan set up for my wife to potentially harvest this buck tomorrow. He’s been walking across a food plot almost every evening during daylight. He must be stopped!



Stare Down

Had the pleasure of a 5 minute stare down from 30 yards out with this young 8 pointer back in August while he was still in full velvet. Neat experience. I am pretty sure he is a two year old with the potential for next year… that is, if he makes it until next year!



10 Point

This perfect 10 point started showing up randomly on cameras back in early August. He doesn’t have much mass and I’m hopeful he makes it to next year!


0502:080116:50F:BLANIC :7

In all reality I would be stoked to shoot any of these bucks. With a full freezer, I feel it’d be almost gluttonous to shoot anything but those two big bucks pictured at the beginning of this post. There’s also a Nebraska rut hunt planned for the first week of November I have to take into consideration. Bottom line, anything is fair game for my wife, I am limited to 130″ buck or bigger!

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