The Boys Of Fall (Pic Heavy)

Happy Opening Day Of Bow Season! It’s finally here!!! I know a lot of states out there have had bow season under way for a week or more by now, but the rest of us have been licking our chops for October 1st to get here already. The idea of sending an arrow through a big bruiser buck has made the last three days at work drag by with a huge lack of production. Hopefully you’re lucky enough to have a four day weekend or at least a chance to get out in the woods tonight. If you’re one of the unlucky ones that has to work the next couple days, I hope the following photos of my Michigan Hit Listers helps you pass time a little better.

We will start with the regulars that have been showing up the most often and a lot during daylight.

Clyde. As in Wide Clyde. He has got to have at least a 22 inch spread. I started watching this big 8 pointer in June and he is just an absolute stud. His brow tines are lacking but who cares! Good amount of mass as well.

PICT0093 PICT0085

CJ. As in Clyde Jr. He isn’t nearly as wide as Clyde Sr. but his tine length is much better. He could be a 10 point but you cannot really see his crab claws too well. No post velvet pictures of him yet so I don’t know if the crab claws at the end of his main beams are big enough to make him a 10 or if he’ll be a big 8 point.



Sidewinder. Really tall 7 point that’s missing his right brow tine. There is something going on with the genetics around this property, as I have pictures of another big 7 point but he’s missing the opposite brow tine. On top of that, I have pictures of two younger bucks missing a brow tine. Regardless, he’s rather large and obviously mature.PICT0106PICT0103

Lee. Probably the most perfect 8 point I have ever gotten pictures of. He has a ton of mass, curls right around very nicely, and has eye guards coming off each brow tine. I have an emotional attachment to this buck and I’m not sure why. He just really gets me excited.

1657:082315:59F:DEEPBALL :2


Moving on to bucks that I watched grow for most of the summer but have recently disappeared.

G3 Buck. I’m not going to show pictures of this buck. Some things don’t need to be public and this guy falls into that category. He disappeared on me for a while but showed back up after a trail camera move two weeks ago. He tops the list. Wish me luck on him, he’s pretty ghosty.

Kicker. Main frame 8 point with a kicker coming off the inside where his left G3 meets his main beam. Nice height to him but no idea where he went.

1151:082115:63F:DEEPBALL :2


The Nice 8. This guy came around here and there during the summer. He was always with this weird looking younger buck that I am pretty sure had three main beams (Wishbone).


Lastly, there are a couple traveler bucks that only came around once but still seemed rather decent.

Reverse Winder.

0739:072315:45F:BLANIC :2

0734:072315:45F:BLANIC :2

Fifth Third Buck.

0722:072315:45F:BLANIC :2

0727:072315:45F:BLANIC :2

These are the bucks I’ll be chasing this year and I am sure a few others will pop up on cameras and a few will disappear. Either way, this hit list for Northern Michigan is outstanding in my opinion. There is one other buck I am really hoping comes around soon. He’s a giant 12 point with 10 inch brow tines. Easily a B&C buck and is rumored to have made it through last season. I think the property I hunt is just on the very edge of his fall range. He showed up in late October during the 2014 season and that’s where I plan on being this year at the end of October.

Good luck to everyone this year! Remember to only show support to fellow hunters who display their harvests.

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