Sitka Tool Bucket Review

Run and gun. Hang and bang. Call it what you want. For me, there is no better time to utilize a mobile tree stand hunting set up than the early season. Days are still plenty long and there is no need to burn out pre-hung stands during the early season. My favorite mobile set up is the Lone Wolf hang on and climbing sticks.

Last fall, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to haul in/out a hang-on and four climbing sticks with my Tenzing 2220 backpack. My backpack was always full to the brim with camera gear, camera arm, fluid head, bow hanger, etc. Typically I’d strap the climbing sticks flatly against the outside of the backpack along with whatever hunting jacket I was using as an outer layer. I would then carry a hang-on in one hand and my bow in the other. This got old rather quickly. Don’t get me wrong, the Tenzing 2220 is a great backpack, just not for what I was using it for. By season’s end I knew I needed to find a better backpack for the 2016 season.


Enter Sitka’s Tool Bucket backpack. Luckily I heard Dan Johnson of The Nine Finger Chronicles mention this backpack and how much easier it made his life while run and gun hunting. It didn’t take long for me to realize I needed to give Sitka’s new backpack a test drive. (The backpack unzips from its frame and allows for a hang-on tree stand to be strapped onto the frame and then the pack portion to be strapped to the hang-on.)

Stand hauling or video equipment organization… I’m not sure which one I’m more excited about! I am a self filmer and I could tell immediately the layout of the pack portion of the backpack is definitely well thought out. There is a significant opening with the way the “lid” of the backpack is cut out. You can also opt to not zip the backpack up and leave the “lid” closed by using the adjustable toggle. I’m thrilled about this feature as it’ll allow silent entry to the backpack when I am setting up and taking down filming equipment.

I have a couple of hunts under my belt with the backpack and so far I am thoroughly impressed. Storage for my video equipment and hunting accessories is top notch. In the video below you’ll see just how easily I am able to store gear and haul a stand.

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