Simms Fishing Gear Review

When the weather gets nasty, the gear you’ve chosen can make or break you. When you’re gear keeps you comfortable on your adventures, you’ll undoubtedly stay longer and go harder, at least this my philosophy. In order to be comfortable on the river in the worst weather, I turn to Simms Fishing Products. Whether it’s 80 and sunny, or 20 and snowing, Simms has me covered. Not only waders and jackets, but every layer in between as well. Here’s a break down of my outer layers, and I’ll try to get a review out of my mid and base layers soon.

For sizing reasons, I am 6’2″, 215lbs, and wear a size 12 shoe.

G4 Pro Stockingfoot Waders – Size Large 12-13 Foot

If you don’t wear Simms waders, you’re truly missing out. Simms waders are second to none, fit like a glove, and are tough as nails. My waders don’t look new but function as good as the first day I wore them. I’ve worn my waders 50-60 days a year for five years, and I still have no leaks. They fit like my favorite pair of jeans and keep me comfortable from fall through spring. They are constructed of 5-layer Goretex fabric from the waist down giving you the best protection in the highest wear areas.

G4 Guide Boot – Size 13

I don’t think Simms sells the G4 Guide Boot anymore, but these are also going on their fifth year. It looks like the G3 Guide Boot has replaced the G4’s. I love my G4’s because the toe box is super big which enables me to wear two pairs of wools socks in the winter without my boots getting tight. I did add cleats to my boots which wrecks havoc on my drift boat floor, but the traction I have compared to my friends with no cleats is noticeable.

*Tip: An application of mink oil twice a year will do wonders on the longevity of your boots.

G3 Guide Wading Jacket – Size Large

Not all wading jackets are created equal. The G3 Guide Jacket is also constructed of Goretex fabric making it completely waterproof. The main storage compartments are located up high in the chest area which ensures your gear stays dry even when you get deep. The jacket has adjustable cuffs which help keep water off your sleeves when quickly reaching to tail that trophy steelhead or trout. There are also hand warmer pockets built into the chest which is great for warming your hands on those cold winter days.

Wool Half-finger Glove – Size L-XL

Warmth when wet! I absolutely love these gloves and cannot believe I fished in the winter without them for so many years. Made of merino wool, the gloves do not hold odor. They are very durable and have good grip throughout the palms. These gloves do not absorb water like a normal glove and they dry out extremely fast. If you wash them, do not put them in the drier as they will shrink a noticeable amount.

If you have any questions on other Simms gear or the gear in this review, feel free to shoot me a message via email or my Facebook page. I own several jackets, pants, tops, and my wife also owns the women’s waders and boats.

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