Sept. 13-15 Fishing Report

We received a good amount of rain on Tuesday the 8th across the state and I had a trip planned for the following Sunday to Tuesday so I was hoping the rain would trigger a push of fish. From what I saw, I’m not sure I could say a fresh push of fish came into the river last week but it sounds like some fish pushed up from the lower river and were spread thinly throughout the river.


Spent Sunday evening on the river and was quickly rewarded with one king right out of the gate. Got him to bite on skien under a bobber. I’ve dedicated some time to strictly fishing skien under a bobber this year and I would have to say it is one of the funnest ways to catch these big fish. I run 30 lb braid as my main line to 20 lb fluorocarbon shot line to a 15 lb fluorocarbon leader. I never thought salmon would bite on 15 lb test but when they do you are tied right into them and it is an absolute blast!  

Monday started off with a bang but slowed right down once the sun came out. Right out of the gate we hit two skams and a king but that was well before noon. There were pockets of fish here and there but nothing super impressive. Saw one hole that had maybe 10 fish in it, other than that it was all pods of 5 or less. Both skams were on the smaller side in that 4-5 lb range.

DSC_0156Tuesday was more of the same except no hook ups which I am sure is due to a very late start. The water temperature was 59 degrees each day we were out. Water is a little lower than average but the rain we are about to get tonight as I write this and tomorrow should help. I am sure the ground is going to soak up the majority of it but a bump in flow and a little stain is always welcome. Water was clearing as the days went on. I ended up switching to a 12 lb leader by midday Monday and stayed with it through Tuesday.


^Big group of guys all doing there best to watch their bobbers drop. Again, nothing on stick baits but we didn’t fish first light or last light which is the best time for that method. Word has it that a lot of rivers aren’t fishing well right now, that captains on the big lake are catching fish in 300 feet of water still, and this is what the run is going to be like this year.  I’m not here to say one way or the other. I think if this next shot of rain and these cooler temps don’t trigger a solid push of fish into our rivers then it’s probably not going to happen. Regardless, there are enough fish around to go fishing, so get out there and wet a line. I saw a few chromers cruising up stream and have heard two rumors that fishing has picked up recently, you just have to find them.


Cool moment!
I don’t see myself going fishing again until mid October so I can’t commit to getting another report out. If that changes I will do my best to get another one out for those who enjoy the read and pictures. Soon enough fall steelhead will be knocking on the door and I’m pretty tickled about that. I’ve got some big bucks to start chasing first, which is my number one passion, but fall chrome is a very close second.

Good luck if you get out. If you have any questions besides where I am fishing, contact me via Facebook. You can click here for my Facebook page and while you’re there give me a like so you can stay up to date on river reports!


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