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It might be July but it’s easy to feel the weight of whitetail chores starting to stack up. With nine tree stands that need to be moved and four food plots that need to be planted, it’s no wonder I feel behind. I’m pretty sure at this time every year I feel this way but somehow manage to get everything done by early September. Let’s hope this year is the same. On to the good stuff…



Checked some cameras on Saturday and was pleased to find the two mature bucks I’ve been watching grow since May have started showing up in daylight. I think I know who both of these bucks are from last year but it is still too early to know for sure. Judging by pictures from last year, both these bucks should end up in the 120″ – 130″ range. It seems like some bucks grow at a pretty steady pace throughout the summer while others absolutely explode during the month of July. Lets hope for the latter!



After that it was time to go move a tree stand and pull another tree stand down. The stand I moved ended up in a tree about 30 yards from where it was but I feel so much more confident in it’s location. I am all for small tweaks like this as it could easily be the difference in getting a buck in bow range or missing an opportunity. Also, last year was the first year hunting this property so I have a lot of small adjustments to make. Moving a stand 30 yards might seem like a lot of work but it just boils down to how bad you want it. If you know me, you know I want to arrow a mature buck more than anything!



It felt great to get some work done this weekend. It felt even better to sit in a tree stand for a few minutes  after it was all set back up and watch mother nature do her thing. I think the next weekend will involve more of the same except I’ll be on a different property where I’ll be checking cameras for the first time this year! Pumped! Other than that, my buddy and I have a scouting trip planned for Nebraska at the end of this month which will be short but necessary.

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