Quick Fishing Report 10/9

Had the opportunity to get out on the river over the weekend. My buddy and I were on an early fall steelhead mission more than anything. We spent the day floating beads and spawn bags behind active spawning salmon. We figured that’d be our best chance for an early steelhead and hoped we’d also run into some hungry trout. Unfortunately, the trout bite wasn’t on for us but we did find one steelhead who wanted to play. A short hook up and that was about it.

There are tons of salmon spawning right now and we let them be. We did help one fishermen land a salmon that was whooping his butt and he gave us her eggs after he roped her so that was a huge bonus. The salmon run always brings out the crowds and it was clear that snagging is still the preferred method. If you still want to catch some salmon there are plenty around and fishing should remain good for the next couple weeks.

I would think with the decent salmon run we have had that our fall steelhead run should be pretty good. Water levels are halfway decent and rain is continuing to show up in the 10 day forecasts. I won’t be able to get back on the water until early to mid November so check back then for an update.

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Some fish porn from 2016

img_1911 img_1785 img_1598


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