Cheap Productive Weekend

I found myself with a nice opportunity to get a bunch of whitetail chores done this weekend. My wife arranged for me to borrow a coworkers rototiller to put in a garden behind our house. It was rather convenient for her as she spent the weekend walleye fishing with her parents while I spent a good portion of Saturday getting our new garden ready. I can’t give her to much flack though, she lets me go fishing or hunting just about whenever I ask… I mean whenever I want, ha!

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On to the good stuff! I was able to spend the rest of the weekend taking care of habitat business and I feel ahead of the game for once. Saturday morning before the garden work started I was able to sneak off to the woods to freshen up some mineral sites and switch out some SD cards on my trail cameras. I know it’s a bit early to run cameras but I love to watch bucks grow and I can fix any camera errors before it becomes crunch time. Plus, who doesn’t love trail camera pictures?


Sunday was a bit more productive. I took that borrowed rototiller and put it to some good use! I need to back up for a minute though and explain the areas that I tilled and why it was possible to do this easily with a walk behind rototiller. About three weeks ago I decided I was going to go the cheap route on food plots this year.┬áThis cheap route is a process I first heard of from Jeff Sturgis, the in depth info is here. Basically you spray weed killer where you want your food plot to be once during early spring, spray again 5-6 weeks later after that, and a third time 5-6 weeks after that. By then it should be mid to late July and you’ll be ready for a fall planting of your choice. I sprayed my food plot areas about three weeks ago so everything was dead plus it hasn’t rained in over a week so everything is very dry. This makes for easy tilling especially with a walk behind rototiller. I spent about four hours tilling four different food plot areas which were originally just going to be weed killed and planted. I figured this was my best bet for good seed to soil contact when it comes time to plant this fall. Additionally, the rototiller was free to use and it only cost me some time and hard work. My food plot areas aren’t very big, all four plots add up to about an acre and they are in locations that enhance deer travel.


For food plots on a budget you can’t beat Jeff Sturgis’ no-till method. If you want to take that extra step, use a rototiller like I did or get a disc that can be pulled behind a quad. Get out there and get your whitetail chores done. A lot can be accomplished with some hard work and a good pair of work boots!

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