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Kill Plot Planning

I once thought that a food plot or kill plot anywhere was better than nothing at all.  That may hold some truth, but why spend the money and do all the work if it won’t increase your chances of harvesting whitetails?  Today I am going to go over the questions encountered and rationale behind choosing a certain location for the […]

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Austin Trierweiler

As Austin has started raising a family of future outdoorsman, he has set aside weekends on the river. He still manages a half hour here or there to wet a line and rarely comes away empty handed.  When the fishing isn’t good, he turns his focus to whitetails.  If I need to bounce an idea off someone regarding habitat improvement, […]

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March Steelhead Fishing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MikgsW0SXpA A quick video of some steelhead fishing done in early March.

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Mike Langton

Mike’s as much of a whitetail fanatic as any of us. This guy’s whole October and November work schedule revolves around bow hunting for whitetail. I owe it to Mike for letting me arrow my first buck off of his property while he was at work, not to mention him setting me up with my first bow and giving me […]

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David Trierweiler

Where to start with this guy?  He taught me the majority of what I know about steelhead, salmon, and whitetails.  If there is one person that deserves credit where credit is due, he’s the guy.  From bass and pike on small lakes to salmon and steelhead in the rivers, David was the one introducing this new world to me.  A […]

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Chad Nolan

Chad has an excitement level off the charts when it comes to the days leading up to a fishing trip, but the calmness he brings to the river is something everyone needs to experience.  I owe it to this guy for teaching me and maybe at times forcing me to slow down and enjoy that moment in time.   The […]

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Jen’s First Steelhead

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifF2dFn6eW8 Jen finally got herself into some chrome!  It just so happened to be on her first cast using a center pin.  The video starts after she had been battling this fish for five minutes.  It must have gone 50+ yards downstream.  I am still impressed this fish was landed.  Thank you Chris for the awesome net job!

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Double Donk Down


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Six Point Down


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Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale

Todays beer review features the Lagunitas Brewery Company from California.  This brewery is gaining popularity quite quickly.  With the quality of beer they are stocking shelves with, it was no surprise to see it show up for sale at the gas station down the street a few months ago.  The Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale as described by the brewery, “A […]

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