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Fishing Report 12-15

Had to get out fishing last weekend with the nice weather in the forecast. Friday started with quite a debacle. Showed up to the launch to discover I had blown my passenger side hub on my boat trailer. With friends coming up from a couple hours away I figured I would deal with repairs later rather than sooner. Turns out […]

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Sept. 13-15 Fishing Report

We received a good amount of rain on Tuesday the 8th across the state and I had a trip planned for the following Sunday to Tuesday so I was hoping the rain would trigger a push of fish. From what I saw, I’m not sure I could say a fresh push of fish came into the river last week but […]

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Aug. 28-29 Fishing Report

Last week a major cold front came through with daytime highs struggling to reach the low 60s here in northern Michigan. Luckily this cold front came through just days prior to a early salmon season fishing trip that my two buddies and I had planned 6 weeks ago. Positive reports were abundant on the internet declaring that the fishing was […]

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Learning How To Harvest Big Bucks

TV shows, books, magazines, forums, etc etc. The list of educational tools in the hunting world is a long one. Who has time to decipher which source is the best? On top of that, do you even have the time to educate yourself with any of these sources? Yes, yes you definitely do, but which source of tips, strategies, and […]

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Winter Steelhead Fishing

Gosh. Sometimes you just want to get on the river and go fishing. During December the days are short, hook ups are limited, and filming on the river in those¬†wintry¬†conditions can be a challenge. I wasn’t able to dedicate as much time behind the camera as I would have liked, but the steelhead we did capture on film gave me […]

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Montana Elk Hunting

Today I am excited to release my first full length video of a hunting trip that my great friend, Chris Nolan, and I went on this past September in Montana. Last year was my first year filming my own hunts and while I was lucky enough to get three bow kills on film, they needed a lot of improvement. I […]

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Black Swan

Chad and I had a visit from a random black swan while fishing for steelhead this spring on a Michigan river.   Share This:

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Eagle Catches A Deer

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MorningTide Fishing

Not many people know about the most difficult and extreme form of fishing that exists. Through the experiences of a group of young men, MorningTide Fishing captures the true depth of what it takes to be a land based game fisherman and sheds light on this mostly unknown form of fishing! Share This:

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Jay Fettig

Bears, goats, whitetails… Jay doesn’t care, he’ll put in arrow in ’em all! From chasing whitetails in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to elk hunting in Colorado, Jay’s all over it. His passion for whitetails can teeter on the crazy side, but I enjoy being able to talk him off the ledge from time to time. Additionally, he is one […]

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