Opening Day Success

Every hunt has a story. The beginning of this story starts back in May of 2014. My wife, Jen, had been expressing interest in hunting for a while but I can’t say I was really taking her too serious about it. I mean sure, girls hunt, she grew up with her father being an avid hunter, she loves venison, but was she really interested? Also, and this may sound selfish, but did I want her to hunt? That’s “my time”, my time to go hang with the boys, my time to reconnect with nature, to decompress and get back to neutral. Did I really want to share that with my fiancé? I didn’t know it then, but the answer is absolutely, without a doubt!

I still remember the day vividly. It was a rainy day in May, we pulled into a local archery shop and I explained to her that she was getting a bow for her birthday. She shot a few bows and after seeing the price tags, I could tell she was leaning toward a low end bow. I figured if she got something a little nicer she’d probably enjoy shooting it more, be more accurate, and it would probably pump out a little more speed than something entry level. She picked out a Bowtech Carbon Rose and spent the summer getting dialed in.

I was blown away by how much she bow hunted during the 2014 season. Sometime in late October she finally had an opportunity at a 4 point buck while we were hunting out in New York. We had set up a few tree stand together, and in this particular stand, she had been adamant that I trim another large branch blocking the right side of the food plot. I disagreed and didn’t trim it. Unfortunately, due to an untrimmed branch that I am now responsible for, her arrow was deflected and she missed the buck! So much build up, so much disappointment.

Enter 2015. New season. New hope. New properties. Same goal – help Jen arrow her first deer. Although she had two opportunities and saw a lot more deer from the stand, things just didn’t pan out. We bow hunted the day before gun opener here in Michigan and saw a ton of deer moving in the morning. Jen had encounters with multiple deer just out of bow range, so we decided to sit in the same spot she had been in opening morning and I’d video her while she used my rifle.

The following video shows how the morning played out. It was one of the best experiences to share with my wife. I gotta give her credit for sticking with it and logging as many hours in a tree as she did. I’m sure 2016’s main goal will be helping Jen arrow her first deer.


If someone in your life is expressing interest in hunting, take my advice and help them out. Give them the tools and knowledge to be successful in the woods. If it does end up being your significant other, you may just find that you get to spend more time hunting than you did before!

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