Back in 2010 I was doing some habitat work in Nebraska on the Missouri River. While I was out there I got permission to hunt a 140 acre farm that butts up to the Missouri River. I only had a few days to hunt and ended up taking a small six point with my bow on the last morning I was able to hunt. There was plenty of big bucks around but I never had a close enough encounter with one and wanted to fill my nonresident tag before returning home to Michigan. I knew I would love to return some day to pursue the dream of harvesting a big mature buck so I stayed in contact with the land owner.

During the fall of 2011, a pretty bad flood occurred on the Missouri River and the whole farm was under water which pushed all the deer off the property. 2012 was the year of the dreaded EHD which hit the farm pretty hard. During 2013 and 2014 my work situation didn’t really allow me take any out of state hunting trips. In 2015, I got married and bought a house so again, no out of state hunting trips.

Fast forward to the summer of 2016 and all the stars finally aligned. Luckily I had stayed in touch with the land owner all this time and had an open invite to come hunt the farm this fall. I called up my buddy, Mike Langton, and we started planning our Nebraska hunting trip. During the last weekend of July, we drove out to the farm to hang some stands, set up trail cameras, and do some scouting.

We spent six days hunting from November 3rd through the 8th. This was the first time either of us had spent any time hunting in the midwest during the rut and we were not disappointed. We saw a lot of deer, both missed the same buck within the first 24 hours, and my buddy punched his tag on a nice 8 point buck.

I was the only one with a video camera, but figured the footage was worth sharing. Check out the video below to see how our Nebraska whitetail hunt unfolded!

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