Nebraska Whitetail Hunt 2017

Two years ago I took a trip to Nebraska with my buddy, Mike, for my first big out of state whitetail hunt. He missed a buck the first morning, I missed the same buck the next morning, and then he sealed the deal on a different buck on the 2nd to last day of our trip. All in all that trip was a success. You can watch the video from the 2016 season here.

Fast forward one year. I’m on my way back to Nebraska but this time with my wife, Jen, and now she is experiencing her first out of state whitetail hunt. I really wanted her to connect with a Nebraska stud so I decided I’d film her until she filled her tag.

We hunted together for six days straight, including two all day sits. Many mornings were below freezing and windy. I watched her pass multiple young bucks that would typically get the green light back in northern Michigan where we live and hunt. She had multiple encounters with mature bucks near and far. Unfortunately, the encounters she had that were in bow range stayed in the thick of cover, one walking by as close as 10 yards during the middle of the day.

In an effort for one of us to fill a tag, we split up for the last day. After six days of hunting hard, helping my wife hang stands, and doing everything in our power to harvest a mature buck, I found my confidence dwindling. I had no idea how much our luck would change on that last day. I don’t want to spoil the ending, so check out the video below to see how our week in Nebraska unfolded.

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