Montana Elk Hunting

Today I am excited to release my first full length video of a hunting trip that my great friend, Chris Nolan, and I went on this past September in Montana. Last year was my first year filming my own hunts and while I was lucky enough to get three bow kills on film, they needed a lot of improvement. I set out this year with a goal to actually create stories through video rather than just quick kill shots followed by a reaction.

The addiction to filming hunting and fishing trips is unexplainable. Reliving moments that have been caught on film, whether they are good or bad, always brings me right back to the moment. It’s pretty darn neat to watch yourself evolve as a hunter throughout a season or comical when you watch the reaction of a fishing buddy lose a fish. Filming your outdoor adventures isn’t for everyone, but I have found myself more than happy to be the guy behind the camera. Whether I am able to capture everything on film or not, sharing the experience is what it’s all about.

The toughest part about filming a hunt is getting everything to come together. Unfortunately, in this video, we do not put an elk on the ground. Some might look at that as an unsuccessful hunt, but as you’ll see in this video, we define our own success. Getting a kill on film is always the cherry on top of the sundae, but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying that sundae without a cherry!

I hope you enjoy the video!

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