Mike Langton

Mike’s as much of a whitetail fanatic as any of us. This guy’s whole October and November work schedule revolves around bow hunting for whitetail. I owe it to Mike for letting me arrow my first buck off of his property while he was at work, not to mention him setting me up with my first bow and giving me the rundown on archery. Although I have taken it to the next level on my own over the past few years, I can’t help but show much appreciation to Mike for introducing me to archery!

Mikey 7 pt Mike fish

We all have the friend that’s down for whatever, whenever, wherever. That’s Mike. If you need someone to join you fishing on the coldest day of the year or hottest Summer afternoon, Mike’s your guy. He is definitely one to take in the scenery and enjoy the surroundings more than others. To the moon and back brother!

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