Looking Ahead

2015 is in the rear view as is the hunting season that came with it. Some states with hunting seasons open still will soon be coming to a close as well. It’s necessary to take time and reflect on the past year. Where were you successful? Where did you come up short? What worked well and what can you improve on. Were your goals realistic or was it you that made them unattainable? Taking the lessons we learn in the field and applying them to the upcoming year is one of the best tools at becoming a better hunter.

Right now is the beginning of your 2016 hunting season. If you haven’t had time to reflect, you need to get on that because right now is the time to start thinking about future goals for 2016. Shed season is fast approaching and with that comes hope for the coming year. It’s time to find some sheds, scout bedding areas, map out future habitat improvement projects, and set some goals for yourself.Cicero Map POA

Goals. Do you set them low with the hope of over achieving, or set them high and really challenge yourself? I prefer the latter. As they say “if you’re the smartest one in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” In the end it’s up to you to be honest with yourself when setting goals for this year. How much time will you have to dedicate to your efforts? Is it financially achievable? Do you surround yourself with like minded hunters?

Goals For 2016

I’ve always read that writing goals down or making them public helps with achievement and accountability. So for the first time I figured I’d give that a shot!

Hunting Related Goals:

  • Harvest an Elk with my bow in Montana
  • Get in better shape than 2014 for said Elk hunt
  • Help my wife harvest her first archery Whitetail
  • Harvest a mature buck with my bow above 130″

Fishing Related

  • Catch 100 steelhead (I’m at 4 for 2016, long way to go)
  • Improve my streamer fishing game
  • Start tying my own flies
  • Mouse for Brown Trout at night this summer


Sometime in early January I will let you know how I fared with my 2016 goals. What are your goals for this coming year?


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