Kryptek Vellus System Gear Review

For the last three years I have been using Kryptek Gear for all my hunting related adventures. I’d say Kryptek is better suited for western spot and stalk style hunting but I’ve been putting it to the test mainly as a midwest whitetail bowhunter.

This year I had the pleasure of testing out Kryptek’s new Vellus line up. The Vellus jacket, pants, and vest to be exact. I feel that this gear was introduced to fill the needs of the tree stand hunter. Kryptek filled this void nicely with the fleece lined, waterproof, insulated Vellus series.

*For size reference I am 6’2″, 215 lbs.

Vellus Vest

Keeping your core warm is the first step to insuring your entire body stays warm. The Vellus Vest is mildly insulated with a fleece outer which not only keeps your core warm, but also keeps your approach silent. Too many insulated vests have that thin, loud outer fabric. With the Vellus Vest, you no longer sacrifice a stealthy approach while stalking an elk or heading into your tree stand.

The fit and function is super versatile due to the athletic cut and stretch lamination incorporated into the vest. A size large allows me to layer heavily underneath the vest if needed. The vest also fits nicely when worn with only a base layer. I find myself reaching for my Vellus Vest over the Kratos Vest all the time due too the superior warmth and quietness the Vellus Vest offers. I wore this vest well over 40 times from cool mornings of September in Montana all the way to below freezing evening days of November in Michigan.

Vellus Jacket 

Quiet, warm, and waterproof. The Vellus Jacket is insulated with a Thinsulate Platinum XTS Insulation, which combines warmth and odor resistance all in one. This jacket quickly became my go to piece once the temperatures dropped into the 50’s down to the low 30’s. Very comfortable and athletically cut with the bow hunter in mind.  The jacket cuts the wind very well and sheds light to moderate rain.

I typically packed this jacket in and put it on once I was in my tree stand. During spot and stalk situations, the pit zips offer great ventilation for dumping excess heat in a hurry. I’ve also used the Vellus Jacket and Pants as sleepwear on bivy hunts to stay extra warm. I wore this jacket in a size large and it fit perfectly over the vest and a light or medium base layer.

Vellus Pants

All the same qualities as the Vellus Jacket. I wear a size large, regular length. The waist was a bit loose but that is easily fixed with a belt. The thigh pockets aren’t the greatest but work well enough for small items like calls or hand warmers.

I didn’t wear these pants on long hikes to my stand. I would instead opt for my Aegis Extreme Bibs and hike in with the side zips wide open to combat over heating. On short walks, or cold nights in a tent, the Vellus Pants fit the bill nicely.


I really like the Vellus Cold Weather System by Kryptek. It filled the void for a midwest whitetail bowhunter very nicely. I don’t think you can find better gear that is waterproof, windproof, odor eliminating, and warm at a better price. By layering accordingly, you can wear the Vellus gear from late October through early December.


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