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Three years ago I wore Sitka gear strictly for whitetail hunting but made the switch to Kryptek for it’s versatility. Over the last two years I have exclusively worn Kryptek gear while hunting in the Great Lakes region for whitetails and in Montana for elk. There are two reasons I made the switch. First, I am a gear junky at heart, although I loved Sitka’s whitetail line, I was just too curious to not sell it all and buy Kryptek. Secondly, I needed good gear for western hunting and figured I could use Kryptek out west for elk and back home for whitetails. I won’t be comparing Sitka and Kryptek but you can click here to read my Sitka Gear Review.

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For comparison. Sitka vs Kryptek

For size references, I am 6’2″, 215 lbs, and well built.


Helios II LS Zip – I typically wear this as my next to skin layer. It wicks sweat away very well due to the mesh like construction of the fabric. It is also very comfortable to wear. You can easily wear this on warm weather hunts when overheating is a concern. The XL fits me like a glove.

Hoplite Merino Wool LS Zip – I really like this top for layering over the Helios mainly because it is somewhat itchy. I’ll wear it as my next to skin layer on backpack hunts out west just for the simple fact that merino keeps body odor under control better than any other fabric. The side panels are made out of the same mesh fabric as the Helios to aid in thermoregulation. This top keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. The XL runs a touch big but works great over the Helios top.

Trident Dboxer – I’ll say I’m not a boxer brief type of guy. I like to let the boys hang if you know what I mean. These boxers are tight fitting and compression like. I only wear them when I am doing a lot of warm weather spot and stalk hunting and have never had any problems with chaffing. If anything, these boxers saved me from going through severe chaffing while chasing elk when high temps were in the 70’s all week. Size large fits my 34 inch waist a little snug.


Kratos Vest – I have the original Kratos Vest not the Kratos II Vest. This vest is one of four vests that Kryptek offers. It has primaloft insulation throughout the front and back with uninsulated sides. The uninsulated side panels help you shed unwanted heat when you start to exert a lot of physical energy. The Kratos Vest is a great layering option for those slightly cooler mornings or evenings. I typically wear this vest throughout all of October. The outer fabric is made of a nylon type material so you should wear this as a layering option only as it would be too loud as an external piece. The XL fits perfectly when layered over any base layer options.

Kratos II Jacket – The Kratos II Jacket is insulated with primaloft throughout the torso and arms but like the vest it has uninsulated side panels. When the temperatures begin to drop into the 30’s, this is the insulation piece I start wearing instead of the Kratos Vest. It has the same noisy outer nylon fabric so I still only use this for layering and not as an external jacket. A large fits snug and I can only wear it with base layers.

Sherpa Zip Hoodie – This is a pretty cool hoodie. It has grid fleece backing on the inside making it perfect for mid to cool conditions in your layering system. With the hoodie zipped all the way up the hood turns into a face mask. Thumbholes insure your sleeves stay put when adding a jacket. A large fits right with room to layer.



Dalibor II Jacket – This is a great light weight hunting jacket for warmer temperatures. It is water resistant, the hood does not impair your peripheral vision, has pit zips for quick cooling, and is extremely quiet. An XL is a touch big but allows me to layer up with all the above gear. I can wear this from temperatures ranging anywhere in the 60’s down to the mid 40’s.


Poseidon Rain Jacket – This has to be one of the most lightweight rain jackets on the market. I know they have come out with a newer version that offers a full zip instead of the quarter zip pullover version that I have. It is simply a waterproof shell with no insulation. Great for packing in on hunts with rain in the forecast. The jacket and pants pack down to the size of a football. An XL is big enough to fit over all the above mentioned pieces together but not too big for early season use with minimal layering.

Aquillo Jacket – This is Kryptek’s only down piece offered. It has the same noisy outer nylon fabric as the Kratos Jacket/Vest but has been very durable. The down is treated to be water resistant so it can be worn as an outer jacket but I typically throw the Dalibor over the Aquillo to minimize noise. An XL was perfect for wearing this over additional layers.

Aegis Extreme Jacket – Waterproof, windproof, insulated, and quiet. This is a great jacket for November hunting and beyond. This jacket combines all your layering options into one piece. I love how quiet this jacket is even with it’s waterproof/windproof abilities. The cut is for a bowhunter so there is minimal bulk. I always pack this jacket in as I would overheat if I wore it for any length of time while on the move. An XL is big enough to layer underneath but not too big to wear as a stand alone jacket.



Dalibor Pants – One word: Bombproof! These pants are great for all your spot and stalk, brush busting, tree climbing needs. Reinforced knees with available knee pad slots, super adjustable elastic waste tabs with velcro stays, and rubber grips at the base of the pant leg to ensure your your cuffs stay down around your boots. All the little things with a ton of durability makes these my everyday go to hunting pants. An XL fits nicely with a little room to spare for thin base layers.


Poseidon Rain Pants – Extremely lightweight rain pants. The side zips go all the way up to the hip so these rain pants are very easy to put on/take off. Pretty darn durable as well. Unfortunately no pockets but the three way zipper allows easy access to the hip section. A large provides enough room to layer over pants.

Cadog Pants – Imagine the Dalibor Pants but with a thick fleece backing for a lot of added warmth. Still just as bombproof but I don’t recommend these for any high exertion activities. A large is perfect but there is no room for layering.

Aegis Extreme Bibs – Great bibs for mid to late season. Same properties as the Aegis Extreme Jacket. The zippered sides offer easy on/off capabilities. I have to keep the sides unzipped while on the move so I don’t over heat. The waterproof properties makes these bibs awesome for hiking in on those cold, wet mornings or nights. An XL fits good with or without layering.


Logo Hat – Basic camo ball cap with velcro adjustment.

Kiska Beanie – Thin hat but very comfortable. Surprisingly warm for it’s weight.

Wyot Balaclava – Best balaclave I have ever used! The cut keeps the face mask portion very versatile.


Krypton Gloves – Thin base layer gloves with velcro wrists. Not a fan of the velcro.

Norlander Merino Gloves – Awesome wool gloves. These are heavy enough to keep your hands warm in temps down to the mid 40’s but thin enough not to impair shooting your bow.

Final Thoughts

Overall Kryptek makes high quality gear with great fit and function. I love the versatility of the highlander pattern which is one of the main reasons I wear Kryptek. For mountain hunting, I think the function and pattern is among the best but I have nothing to compare it to.

If you layer properly, it is pretty tough to get cold in a tree stand while wearing Kryptek. With that said, I think Sitka’s Fanatic series is warmer and obviously better laid out for a tree stand bowhunter than Kryptek’s Aegis line.

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Another Comparison. Kryptek vs Sitka

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