Where To Hunt This Weekend, My Weekend Plan

Since last week I have been watching the weather forecast like a hawk. I’m a cold front hunter and there was a cold front forecasted for this coming weekend, 10/21 – 10/23. Sometimes the weatherman plays with my heart and the forecast just doesn’t pan out. Fortunately for us bowhunters, the weather was forecasted properly and we are seeing a decent dip in temperatures after several days of warmer than average weather.


Now, where to hunt? Are we in that dreaded “October Lull” period or is this cold front going to kick off the pre-rut activity? This time of year is where I struggle mightily as a bowhunter. I’m typically too cautious to hunt buck bedding areas which basically keeps me safely “out of the game.” Lucky for us, there are guys out there with tons of mature buck harvests under their belts. I believe listening to what these hunters have to say about how to hunt this time of year can help lead some of us to successfully harvesting a mature buck.

Jeff Sturgis is my go to guy for everything whitetails. Not only does he have the bucks on the wall to prove his theories, but I have seen success by applying his strategies to my own hunting land. I came across this blog post written by Sturgis last night titled Bowhunting The Phases of the Rut. I’d recommend reading the entire post. For now, because we are focused on this mid to late October time frame, I’ll go over what I found valuable for this weekend.

  • Hunt downwind of buck bedding areas in the morning when it is calm and cold. Bucks should still be up on their feet feeding and you may be able to intercept a mature buck who is late getting back to his morning bedding area. Does are not in estrous yet, so bucks shouldn’t be roaming far in search of a hot doe.
  • Hunt travel corridors and funnels during the evening. Set up in between a known buck bedding area and a major food source.
  • Look for scraping activity to crank up and keep an eye out for some of the bigger rubs of the season to start appearing. Again, does are not in estrous, so what else is a buck to do with all his extra time and testosterone?


Jeff Sturgis’ post talks about the timing of a late October cold front and how it kicks off the pre-rut. While I believe, and even more so hope, that’ll be the case with this weekends cold front, I can’t help but error on the side of caution in case we still are in that “October Lull” time frame.

My cameras have shown no reason to hunt a certain location over another and there is minimal sign in the way of scrapes and rubs. This weekend I will still be playing it safe for the most part. The plan is to get setup Saturday morning just downwind of a mature buck bedding area that is on state land, which borders the property I hunt. I’ll be filming a buddy so let’s hope this all goes as planned! Saturday evening will be spent hunting downwind of a primary food source or I might set up on an area with good buck sign. Hopefully our cameras will have some new intel for us to make an educated decision on how and where to hunt for the rest of the weekend.


It’s starting to get good. I have heard plenty of reports about bucks bumping does around and heavy pre-rut activity starting from other hunters. The long range weather looks like its going to cooperate for the next two weeks. I’ll check back in next week with an update but you can follow our weekend hunts on Facebook and Instagram.



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