To Hunt Solo Or With A Partner?

I still remember the early October evening of 2014. It was my first hunt of the year on a 100 acre property that I had leased by myself. A nice 3.5 year old 8 point had taken up residence on this property and I caught him on trail cameras all over the lease that summer. During my first hunt of the year I had an encounter with him all the way into 30 yards, it was even on video! No shot opportunity was offered but I was pumped to say the least. As soon as daylight faded I packed up my gear and quietly slipped back to my vehicle. Immediately, I started calling every one of my hunting buddies to tell them about the awesome encounter. First buddy I call goes to voicemail, as does the second, then the third, and after reaching out to a fourth friend with no luck I gave up and called my fiancé. This was the moment I realized having a hunting partner is much more enjoyable than hunting solo.


Solo hunting has a ton of benefits especially if you’re a fanatic like myself. You control the amount of hunting pressure. You get the first hunt out of every tree stand. I believe hunting solo truly enhances your odds at harvesting a mature buck. For some hunters this is an ideal situation. I once found myself thinking along those same lines but today I find myself thinking differently.

Sharing the excitement of a hunting story with a friend whom is equally invested trumps solo hunting excitement every time. The moment you receive a text about a mature buck sighting from your buddy, who’s sitting 300 yards from you, creates a unique level of excitement that most tree stands are not equipped to handle. Perfect example: last year during the first hunt of our rut-cation, my buddy David sent trail camera pictures to me of two mature bucks he had recently received from the neighbor. If I could’ve done a double back flip right there in my tree stand I would have. I’d get just as excited if I were by myself, but sharing that excitement with someone else almost feeds your emotions. It’s contagious!

I find myself looking to share the experience more and more since that lonely 2014 hunting season. I am sure a lot of fathers enjoy watching there children become successful hunters and sharing that moment is better than any deer they’ve harvested. For younger guys like myself it’s pretty easy to get wrapped up in the chase to harvest a giant buck.


At my core I am a hunter. I dream of arrowing a giant buck every season and still have my spots that I hunt solo. That cat and mouse game you can get into with mature bucks is a lot of fun (and frustrating). There’s something about the predator vs prey relationship with a mature buck that can drive a hunter insane so a healthy balance is key for me.

Sharing property to hunt along with getting others into hunting has been very enjoyable. Watching my wife shoot her first deer and videoing the whole thing was truly one of the most rewarding moments I have ever been a part of. You can check out that video below.

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