Fishing Report 12-15

Had to get out fishing last weekend with the nice weather in the forecast. Friday started with quite a debacle. Showed up to the launch to discover I had blown my passenger side hub on my boat trailer. With friends coming up from a couple hours away I figured I would deal with repairs later rather than sooner. Turns out I didn’t have worry about it at all as Mike Batcke, the owner of Stealthcraft Boats, did a roadside repair job for me. Huge thanks to him and his crew for taking care of me while I was on the water. If you’re looking for a new drift boat, I highly recommend checking out Stealthcraft Boats, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Anyway, on with the report!

It was good to get the skunk out with a nice adult steelhead

Friday started off slow. We were working some of the slower moving holes, which would be typical winter lays for December steelhead, but couldn’t find any takers. As we moved downstream we found some faster water and that seemed to be the ticket for the rest of the weekend.

Bonus rainbow to get things started!
Austin with a nice one.
Chaddy guaranteed and delivered. Austin never stops…
Lil Guy.
Ended the day on this pretty girl!

Saturday brought a little warmer temps as we fished a little further down stream. We swapped Austin out for our buddy Andy. With fishing on the weekend you also get the crowds. We managed to go 2-2, one boat did better than us, the walk ins seemed to be having better luck as well, and another boat got skunked. By the end of the day we realized the faster water seemed to be the better producer. I took a water temperature reading around noon on Saturday and got 43 degrees. Wow, that’s still pretty warm for mid December! We were on the right stretch of water, just had to share it with a few fisherman.

He had just got done complaining about his reel…
Andy with some bling!

Sunday was just Andy and I on a half day trip. We put on before light and got to the “Start Good” as the rain, thunder, and lightning lit up the sky. The lightning subsided and the rain was sporadic. More importantly, we found a couple more before calling it quits. The last fish we hooked was full of spunk, out of control, and broke me off as it went under a log jam… ahh how I love fall steelhead! Unfortunately, we were batting 100% on the weekend up until this point.

Andy getting us started.
It was a wet one!

All in all it was an awesome weekend on the water with some of my best buds. Tons of laughs, a few pops, and a decent amount of fish. Pretty impressive that we landed all but one of the fish we hooked. Fishing isn’t on fire right now, although I have heard some of the bigger rivers are giving up very good numbers almost daily right now.

The water was in perfect shape, 4-5 feet of clarity depending where you were. By noon on Sunday it was closer to 3.5 feet of clarity with the downpours we received earlier in the morning. With the inch and a half of rain we received Sunday night into Monday, I’m sure most rivers are pretty dirty and running a bit high. There wasn’t as many fish around as I expected and I have my theories but we’ll see how things are once this surge of water makes it’s way through.

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