Fish of a Lifetime!

With no migratory runs really going on in the rivers right now, I have focused my efforts on┬átrout fishing as of late. I can’t imagine I’ll get out after trout for a few weeks as summer weekends have started to fill up with plans, so far now enjoy the fishing report and look for a spring steelhead video to drop very soon.

By no means am I a diehard trout fisherman. Fall steelhead is really where my heart lies, followed by winter steelhead, and then chasing early king salmon. This year is the first time I have ever put an effort into trout fishing and it has me hooked.┬áBack in April when I was still going after steelhead we started catching a lot of brown trout and since then a brown trout obsession has been born. Squeeze that in with the three target species I listed above plus being a whitetail bowhunting fanatic and a guys schedule can really fill up! Luckily I have a wife who seems to enjoy all of it almost as much as I do. On to the report…DSC_0012

We floated two rivers in as many days over Memorial weekend along with floating roughly 20 miles worth of river this past Saturday. Memorial weekend was pretty darn good. We didn’t have many fish to the net but the trout weren’t afraid to come out of the woodwork and offer a quick view before returning to the depths. My wife lost a brown that would have easily gone over 24 inches. A few 18-20 inch browns offered chase but we never managed to get a good hook in most of them.


This past Saturday my wife, my buddy Andy, and I floated the upper reaches of the Big Manistee. Pretty neat water up there and the conditions this weekend were perfect. We received a good down pour on Friday night so when we arrived to the river Saturday morning we were pleasantly surprised with 2′ of clarity. That’s perfect trout fishing conditions as far as I am concerned. We only managed to land some smaller trout but we gained some solid info.

Info such as where a 30 inch monster brown trout lives. I had the unfortunate experience of missing that giant brown right next to the boat. As I was lifting my lure out of the water, the giant brown came out of the water in an effort to inhale my lure and somehow managed to escape without ever being hooked. I made eye contact with that beast of a trout and can say I haven’t stopped thinking about him since. That is truly a fish of a lifetime. It was one of those browns that has very few spots which I personally love. I’ll be back for him sometime this summer, but man does it hurt. I guess that’s what keeps you coming back!



Good luck if you get out fishing! As I mentioned above, look for a spring steelhead video to drop in the next week or two. Some buddy’s and I filmed a three day trip and landed over 20 steelhead! We’ve got lots of video footage for this one!

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