David Trierweiler

Where to start with this guy?  He taught me the majority of what I know about steelhead, salmon, and whitetails.  If there is one person that deserves credit where credit is due, he’s the guy.  From bass and pike on small lakes to salmon and steelhead in the rivers, David was the one introducing this new world to me.  A few years later he had me in a tree stand on his family’s property in northern Michigan chasing the ever elusive whitetail.  No one could have predicted how passionate both of us would become when it comes to hunting and fishing.

 David small 8 David Fish

You’ll find David balancing life’s responsibilities and being an avid outdoorsman these days.  With a fiancé, home, career and everything else that life demands on one side and that never dying passion for everything outdoors on the other side.  While he does a good job at managing the balance, you’ll typically find him sipping on some sort of craft beer and reminiscing of past days when wearing your hat crooked was cool.

  David Big 8 David salmon

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