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Montana Elk Hunt – Check Mate

Two years ago I flew out to Montana and spent five days hunting for elk with my good friend, Chris Nolan. I filmed the entire trip and although we never had an opportunity to kill an elk, the trip was deemed a success by the sheer amount of experience and knowledge we gained that week. Check out the video from that […]

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Back in 2010 I was doing some habitat work in Nebraska on the Missouri River. While I was out there I got permission to hunt a 140 acre farm that butts up to the Missouri River. I only had a few days to hunt and ended up taking a small six point with my bow on the last morning I […]

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The Untold Story Of “CJ”

I’ve gotten the filming bug pretty bad these days. I love to relive fishing adventures with my friends and deer encounters from hunting trips. I’m no pro, but filming and editing is a lot of fun. During the first year of self-filming my hunts I was able to capture three bow kills on film. That was 2013, and since then… […]

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Opening Day Success

Every hunt has a story. The beginning of this story starts back in May of 2014. My wife, Jen, had been expressing interest in hunting for a while but I can’t say I was really taking her too serious about it. I mean sure, girls hunt, she grew up with her father being an avid hunter, she loves venison, but […]

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Montana Elk Hunting

Today I am excited to release my first full length video of a hunting trip that my great friend, Chris Nolan, and I went on this past September in Montana. Last year was my first year filming my own hunts and while I was lucky enough to get three bow kills on film, they needed a lot of improvement. I […]

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Habitat Improvement: The Craigslist Way

Do you have plans to improve your whitetail hunting grounds? Are you considering whether you can do low budget food plots if you opt for the do-it-yourself method? You certainly can (see my previous article), but for a little more money you can get so much more done. Habitat improvement has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially with reading […]

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Breaking Ground

After a long, cold, drawn out winter, the time is finally here to get some spring habitat projects underway. There are several ways to improve the deer habitat on your property and most of them can be done without having access to large farming equipment or hurting your wallet. Today, I will go over how four people worked together for […]

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Double Donk Down Share This:

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Six Point Down Share This:

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