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Steelhead Fishing Report 12/1-12/3

For the last few years, the first weekend of December has been one of the best times of the year to steelhead fish. Unfortunately, history did not repeat itself this year.  After having a great couple days on the river last week, we figured with the warmer temps that this weekend would be “lights out.” Not so much. Took Friday […]

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Steelhead Fishing Report 4/7-4/11

Took a few days off work for an annual steelhead fishing trip that a couple friends and I do every April. We originally scheduled to fish from 4/5 (Wednesday) through 4/9 (Sunday) but the forecast was calling for too much rain followed by a very cold day on Thursday, so we pushed everything back by two days. Turned out to […]

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Float Fishing Set Up

With peak steelhead season in the foreseeable future, I figure it’s time to shed some light on how I rig my rods up for float fishing. There are multiple ways to set up a float fishing rig and the way I do it is not the only way. It’s what works for me and I will explain why I rig […]

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Fishing Report 3/7/17

Well it’s been a while since I’ve thrown one of these fishing reports up. I think it’s pretty obvious that fishing has been great during the warm ups and tough during the cold spells. Luckily, those warm ups have been hitting on the weekends so fishing has been good for my friends and I. It looks like we’re in for […]

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Quick Fishing Report 10/9

Had the opportunity to get out on the river over the weekend. My buddy and I were on an early fall steelhead mission more than anything. We spent the day floating beads and spawn bags behind active spawning salmon. We figured that’d be our best chance for an early steelhead and hoped we’d also run into some hungry trout. Unfortunately, […]

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Quick Fishing Report 8/28

Finally got out on the river to check out how and if the salmon run is going. The good news is all systems are a go and the fish seem to be a bit bigger than average this year. The bad news is we have warmer than average temperatures and not much rain forecasted for the upcoming week. I’d assume this first […]

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Fish of a Lifetime!

With no migratory runs really going on in the rivers right now, I have focused my efforts on trout fishing as of late. I can’t imagine I’ll get out after trout for a few weeks as summer weekends have started to fill up with plans, so far now enjoy the fishing report and look for a spring steelhead video to drop […]

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First Fishing Report for 2016!

First off, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Warmer weather plus the holidays and time off work gave way for three days on the river in the past week. To start off, the weather has been perfect for winter steelhead fishing which has given myself and whomever has been in my boat plenty of opportunities at catching a few of […]

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Fishing Report 12-15

Had to get out fishing last weekend with the nice weather in the forecast. Friday started with quite a debacle. Showed up to the launch to discover I had blown my passenger side hub on my boat trailer. With friends coming up from a couple hours away I figured I would deal with repairs later rather than sooner. Turns out […]

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Sept. 13-15 Fishing Report

We received a good amount of rain on Tuesday the 8th across the state and I had a trip planned for the following Sunday to Tuesday so I was hoping the rain would trigger a push of fish. From what I saw, I’m not sure I could say a fresh push of fish came into the river last week but […]

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