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Steelhead 101 – Part 1

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LOCKED – Spring Steelhead Fishing

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Late Winter Steelhead Fishing With The Boys

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Best Day Ever

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Nebraska Whitetail Hunt 2017

Two years ago I took a trip to Nebraska with my buddy, Mike, for my first big out of state whitetail hunt. He missed a buck the first morning, I missed the same buck the next morning, and then he sealed the deal on a different buck on the 2nd to last day of our trip. All in all that […]

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Spring Steelhead Fishing

This video is from spring of 2016. My friends from New York, Dan and Garret, came to fish steelhead in Michigan for the 2nd time. We absolutely crushed it!

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February Chrome

I finally had time to do a quick edit job on some footage from a warm weekend in February. The fishing was good and for a nice change of pace, I was the guy with the hot hand. Spawn bags with light leaders were the ticket in the bright sun. I hope you enjoy the video!

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Three Days On The River

Here’s a video I through together of my dad, a couple buddies, and myself steelhead fishing from a while back. The fishing was pretty good and the weather cooperated nicely.

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