Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Review

Over the past decade trail cameras have become an exceptional tool for whitetail hunters. Whether used for preseason scouting or determining a mature bucks fall pattern, I believe trail cameras are worth every penny. Regardless of there value you need to know what you’re getting before you spend $100 or more. When it comes to a good trail camera there are three factors I consider: reliability, picture quality, and battery life. If any one of these three factors becomes a failure then your camera has failed you.

2012 Model
Poor picture quality, dead batteries, and camera malfunctions are the worst. A lot of us make long drives to our hunting properties and during the summer that drive is sometimes made solely to check cameras. This is when we need to have reliable cameras. We need the confidence after setting or checking a camera that it will take pictures for the next three or more weeks without failure. If the batteries die we can probably blame ourselves for that. If the pictures suck, well then it’s time to buy a better camera.

The Bushnell Trophy Cam Hd has always been positively reviewed and for the most part I don’t have much to complain about. I have only used the 2012 Bushnell Trophy Cam Hd and 2014 Trophy Cam HD Aggressor Low Glow models. I have not had the pleasure of testing Bushnell’s newer models and as for now the 2012 model still out performs the 2014 model.

The Bad

  • There is an issue with the 2014 Aggressor models and their night time infrared flash. Night time pictures seem to have that washed out look regardless of the flash setting. From everything I have read, 2014 and 2015 were the only years that Bushnell had issues with night time picture quality.
  • When you press a button on the camera it beeps. Probably not the biggest deal but when trying to make adjustments to your camera in the woods you do end up sacrificing some stealth. I don’t know if this is the same on newer cameras or not.
  • The display menu fails to light up from time to time. This seems more typical when the camera has been left alone for a few weeks. Simply turning the camera on and off a few times usually does the trick to get the display menu back on.

2014 Model
The Good

  • Both models have great battery life. I put my cameras out in June and can go on one set of alkaline batteries all the way into November while averaging 1,500 pictures a month.
  • Both models take crisp daytime pictures. Their trigger speeds are top notch as well. If anything walks in front of the camera without stopping, a picture is captured within the first few feet of the subject entering the field of view.
  • Daytime video is crisp as is the audio on both models. Night time video ranks right along with night time pictures, good for the 2012 model, poor for the 2014 model.
  • I have had zero reliability issues. Both models consistently take pictures during all months of the year. The only “malfunction” I have experienced is the date being reset to January 1 on it’s own.

Final Thoughts

I would highly recommend Bushnell trail cameras. For roughly $150, the best way I can describe a Bushnell Trophy Cam HD would be to call it the poor man’s Reconyx. Whatever hiccup Bushnell had with the night time pictures on their 2014 models seems to have been addressed. The new Essential E2 camera has gotten nothing but outstanding reviews and I am looking forward to getting my hands on one for this season!

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