If you couldn’t tell by my social media updates over the last week, I’ll just say it – we had an amazing vacation. When you spend a week in Belize island hopping, it’s pretty tough not to have a great time. Abundant sunshine, temperatures in the mid 80s and a light ocean breeze… paradise!

We started our trip off in San Pedro, which is a small town on the island of Ambergris Caye. We flew into the island from Belize City, I highly recommend the flight over a water taxi (thanks Eric). The heart of San Pedro is full of hustle and bustle but it doesn’t take more than a few blocks to find the ocean and a slower pace of life. Luckily, we stayed on the northern side of town which is a lot quieter and less populated. We stayed in a small room that we booked through for $40 a night. With the room came access to a fully stocked and newly remodeled kitchen and bathroom. Sharing the kitchen with other guests was welcomed as we enjoyed meeting travelers from around the world.

While on the island of Ambergris Caye, we found our way to a spot called “Secret Beach”. This location has a few shops, a bar, and really is not a secret at all. The real secret was walking just a few hundred yards south where we found an isolated beach all to ourselves. I’m talking clear water, sandy, clean beach without another soul in sight for as far as you can see. There were also several small, shallow coves which ended up being perfect for fly fishing.

Other than soaking up some rays and wetting a line, the rest of our evening involved eating incredibly delicious street food, watching the sunset, and tipping a few back with the locals. Just a perfect way to relax with my wife and not give a damn about anything.

Our week in Belize was split in half, the first half on Ambergris Caye which I just covered and the second half on Caye Caulker. The only way to get from one island to the other is by boat, and while most took a water taxi, we took a sail boat and did some snorkeling on our way from Ambergris Caye to Caye Caulker. We snorkeled at a channel that cuts through an offshore reef and then went to a second destination, Shark Ray Alley. Our guide was amazing, he pointed out every single fish that swam by, enticed a 6 foot eel out of the reef to eat, and held sharks and stingrays for us.

Once on Caye Caulker, it was evident this island was much more laid back. Tons of street food, good vibes, and a chill atmosphere. We spent two days renting a kayak and fly fishing from it during the day. I’ve gotta give my girl props, she was making 20-30 yards casts with a fly rod from a seated position and caught her first fish on a fly, and then another, and another, you get it. The fish were on the smaller end but we had no complaints.

We spent our days on Caye Caulker eating as much street food as possible. It was truly some of the best food I’ve ever had. The most common dish was stewed chicken with rice n beans. Average cost was around $3, can’t beat that. At night, we took our pick from fresh lobster tail, fresh snapper, or shrimp kabobs. Then we wake up in the morning and grab a fry jack with refried beans, eggs, and bacon. That’s the best breakfast on the islands, trust me!

For being what I would consider a tourist location, Belize is very affordable. Instead of eating at a restaurant every night, buy some street food and bring it into whatever restaurant you might want to check out that night. No one cares and I’d bet the food is better fresh off a local’s grill than most restaurants anyway. Beers are cheap, although limited options (the national Belikin, Landshark, or Henieken).

It’s a lot of fun to go on vacation to a place you’ve never been. Every step we took was a step we’ve never taken, and that right there really soothes our adventurous souls. A week away from the stress of work/life reminded me of a lot of the little things I love and adore about my wife. It’s like marriage therapy if you will. Lastly, all the locals have so much less yet seem so happy. Above all, they have a genuine sense of appreciation. That really made us step back and be thankful for all that we have as Americans.


I’ll be updating the blog a bit more often now that life has settled down. From hunting season to the holidays and then buying a new home, things have been crazy and I have neglected my writing and video production for too long. I am excited to share with you all of trips I’ve been on from the past six months.

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