Austin Trierweiler

As Austin has started raising a family of future outdoorsman, he has set aside weekends on the river. He still manages a half hour here or there to wet a line and rarely comes away empty handed.  When the fishing isn’t good, he turns his focus to whitetails.  If I need to bounce an idea off someone regarding habitat improvement, Austin is the guy I go to.  He was the first to bring up the idea of QDM a few years back and we’ve all been on board ever since.

 Austin brown austin fishaustin fish

Austin is really the guy who inspired it all.  He is the older brother to David Trierweiler and might as well be an older brother for me as well.  Secret spots on a river, new techniques, or our favorite camping site, we owe a lot to Austin for showing us the way.  If you know someone who “passed the torch” onto your friends, that would be what Austin is to us.

 austin buck austin fish


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