Aug. 28-29 Fishing Report

Last week a major cold front came through with daytime highs struggling to reach the low 60s here in northern Michigan. Luckily this cold front came through just days prior to a early salmon season fishing trip that my two buddies and I had planned 6 weeks ago. Positive reports were abundant on the internet declaring that the fishing was “on” from a few guides so we were pretty optimistic. I can’t say it was “on” from my expectations and what we found, but we did manage to land a few.

Day one started out with a bang! My buddy Austin landed a king on skien under a bobber at the first hole. We all know at times this can be a curse…

DSC_0008After fishing for another five or six hours with zero hook ups we decided to row out and move further down river. We didn’t see many fish in the middle river and figured our odds would be better elsewhere. We were quickly rewarded with a nice 21″ Rainbow.



We did find a couple king salmon to tango with but only managed to land one. Had a nice pike hit a stick bait towards the last hour of light. I think its worth mentioning that we did not hook one fish on thundersticks over the course of two days. Also, most fishermen that were throwing stick baits through the holes were not getting many bites.




Lots of good grub once we got off the river and fired the grill up. Backstraps, sautéed mushrooms, asparagus, texas toast, and a rainbow filet! Maybe an All Day IPA or two as well… maybe!


Next morning we found a small pod and fished it for a few hours. Lots of hook ups but only two made it in the boat. I landed my last salmon around 10:30 a.m. or so. This fish hit on skien under a bobber even though he had a thuderstick lodged in his jaw!





All in all this was a great trip. Learned some new water, boated four salmon all hooked on skien, and scratched the itch to get out after some kings. Word on the river was basically all rivers got a push last week. Some fishermen seemed to claim to know where these pods were or when they came through, but everyone said a different place and time. I personally would say a small push came in but there are not really “fishable” numbers in just yet. This week is going to be an absolute scorcher and will most likely put a slight delay on another push. I wouldn’t waste your time salmon fishing over the holiday weekend, but thats just me.

The water in the middle river was low, clear, and 58 degrees. The water in the lower river was low, a little stained, and 62 degrees. Friday night we received some rain but it didn’t do much to the river. Good luck if you do get out soon.

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  1. Cody Newman

    Thanks Bob! We are all getting the itch!

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