Everything started with one video camera during bow season of 2013. I grew up in Michigan but was working, living, and hunting in Syracuse, NY and wanted to capture my hunting experiences to show all my friends when I returned home.

Conversations trading hunting stories consisted of a buddy telling of a hunt in which I knew exactly which treestand they were in, and could perfectly picture everything as it was happening for them. However, when I explained my own hunts in NY, they had no idea what I was encountering on the land I was hunting. Being able to imagine a story as it is being told to you adds interest, and I could tell that they just couldn’t quite envision the experiences I was having. My own struggles with being a captivating story teller may have had something to do with it, but either way, I could sense a general lack of enthusiasm from my hunting buddies back home. I was excited for the encounters my friends were having and wanted to provide that excitement back to them. So a video camera was purchased, and excitement ensued.

This site was created to share fishing and hunting videos, and to create a place for everyone that genuinely loves and enjoys nature and the outdoors. Some videos are instructional, while others are full of action. Featured you’ll find none other than my fellow Hybrid Outdoorsmen, long-time friends that share a love of the outdoors as much as I do. Year-round you can find us floating down the river chasing chrome steelhead or salmon. On a nice summer day we may be out on the lake doing a little bass fishing. In the fall, our focus turns to the majestic whitetail and everything the woods has to offer. Gosh, I get excited about it just typing.

I hope you’ll find this site a place where you can enjoy my experiences and share your own. This is for anyone, from anywhere, that enjoys the great outdoors and all the pleasures it offers.

Welcome to Hybrid Outdoors.

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