• Tree Stands, Trail Cams, Early Season Plans

    Tree Stands, Trail Cams, Early Season Plans

    Well, the title says it all. The last two weekends have been filled with setting up hang on tree stands and checking trail cameras. A couple of those trail camera checks have allowed me to figure out who the top bucks are on each property and how I might be able to hunt for them during the first few days of […]

  • Four Trail Camera Tips From The Pros

    Four Trail Camera Tips From The Pros

    Over the last couple years I have started using trail cameras more to pattern mature bucks than to just take inventory of them. To shorten my learning curve on how exactly to pattern mature bucks I have pulled strategies from few specific podcasts which have prove to be chucked full of invaluable information. Below is the best of the best […]

  • Nebraska Scouting Trip

    Nebraska Scouting Trip

    Wow! What a weekend. Driving 1,540 miles in 24 hours makes for two very worn out whitetail fanatics. My buddy, Mike and I spent the weekend driving out to Nebraska to scout, set up three hang-on tree stands, and put two trail cameras out on a 140 acre piece of private property we have permission to hunt this fall. We […]

  • Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Review

    Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Review

    Over the past decade trail cameras have become an exceptional tool for whitetail hunters. Whether used for preseason scouting or determining a mature bucks fall pattern, I believe trail cameras are worth every penny. Regardless of there value you need to know what you’re getting before you spend $100 or more. When it comes to a good trail camera there are […]

  • M2E31L56-56R392B296

    Scratch That Itch.

    It might be July but it’s easy to feel the weight of whitetail chores starting to stack up. With nine tree stands that need to be moved and four food plots that need to be planted, it’s no wonder I feel behind. I’m pretty sure at this time every year I feel this way but somehow manage to get everything done by early […]

  • Kryptek Gear Review

    Kryptek Gear Review

    Three years ago I wore Sitka gear strictly for whitetail hunting but made the switch to Kryptek for it’s versatility. Over the last two years I have exclusively worn Kryptek gear while hunting in the Great Lakes region for whitetails and in Montana for elk. There are two reasons I made the switch. First, I am a gear junky at heart, although […]

  • Total Archery Challenge

    Total Archery Challenge

    If you’re like me, you’ve been shooting your bow all spring and maybe you’ve found yourself going through the motions while practicing? If that sounds like you, it’s time to check out your local 3-D archery range. Or if it’s in your area, the Total Archery Challenge! My wife and I were able to participate in the Total Archery Challenge […]

  • Fish of a Lifetime!

    Fish of a Lifetime!

    With no migratory runs really going on in the rivers right now, I have focused my efforts on trout fishing as of late. I can’t imagine I’ll get out after trout for a few weeks as summer weekends have started to fill up with plans, so far now enjoy the fishing report and look for a spring steelhead video to drop […]

  • Tis The Season

    Tis The Season

    Another weekend in the books and another whitetail habitat project completed. This weekend was once again all about food plots with a side of trail cams and minerals. I started out Saturday morning by spraying the second application of weed killer on four food plots that will be planted later this summer. You can read about my plans for easy […]

Other News

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And So It Begins…

Diehard whitetail hunters claim that deer season is a year round activity and that next year’s season begins as soon as this year’s season ends. I’d tend to agree but right now is when I really feel like it’s the beginning of the season. Why now? Because velvet antlers have begun growing! It might be early but I have cameras out over […]

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Cheap Productive Weekend

I found myself with a nice opportunity to get a bunch of whitetail chores done this weekend. My wife arranged for me to borrow a coworkers rototiller to put in a garden behind our house. It was rather convenient for her as she spent the weekend walleye fishing with her parents while I spent a good portion of Saturday getting […]

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4 Scouting Tips For Hunting New Property

Your bow is dialed in, stands are hung, and opening day is on the horizon. Then the unthinkable happens. You’ve just gained access to another piece of hunting property! Now what? I’ve been in this situation a couple times and I made a lot of mistakes while trying to scout the newly acquired property during the first half of the […]

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So You Want To Start A Hunting Website?

For an avid outdoorsmen, a job in the hunting industry is probably the ultimate goal, but getting there can be a real struggle. I have seen a lot of “How To Get A Job In The Industry” posts lately and they pretty much all have the same theme: start entry level and work your way up. For those of us […]

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Winter Steel

A few weeks back I went fishing with a couple buddies. We didn’t run the camera very much but captured enough footage to make a quick video. It wasn’t until the end of the day that we realized the camera somehow was switched into one of it’s cinematic settings and recorded everything in black and white. It honestly turned out […]

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How To Get Into Elk Shape

Deadfalls encompass the mountains where we’ve made camp. Morning dew has turned to frost and lines the inside of our tent. Chris is the only human I’ve seen for the past five days. We’ve woken up late this morning. We’re exhausted. Four days of chasing screaming bull elk up and down mountains has finally caught up to us. Four days […]

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Looking Ahead

2015 is in the rear view as is the hunting season that came with it. Some states with hunting seasons open still will soon be coming to a close as well. It’s necessary to take time and reflect on the past year. Where were you successful? Where did you come up short? What worked well and what can you improve […]

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Opening Day Success

Every hunt has a story. The beginning of this story starts back in May of 2014. My wife, Jen, had been expressing interest in hunting for a while but I can’t say I was really taking her too serious about it. I mean sure, girls hunt, she grew up with her father being an avid hunter, she loves venison, but […]

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First Fishing Report for 2016!

First off, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Warmer weather plus the holidays and time off work gave way for three days on the river in the past week. To start off, the weather has been perfect for winter steelhead fishing which has given myself and whomever has been in my boat plenty of opportunities at catching a few of […]

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Fishing Report 12-15

Had to get out fishing last weekend with the nice weather in the forecast. Friday started with quite a debacle. Showed up to the launch to discover I had blown my passenger side hub on my boat trailer. With friends coming up from a couple hours away I figured I would deal with repairs later rather than sooner. Turns out […]

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